First there was florence...

Hurricane Florence looked for all the world like she would be the most devastating storm of 2018. She was drawing comparisons to 2017’s mega-storm, Irma. But she sat in the Atlantic, spinning and fizzling. She dropped from Category 4 to a CAT 1 by the time she made landfall.

While Florence did produce significant wind damage along the coast of the Carolinas, the slow-moving rainmaker soon became much more a flood event.

Mid-America was in the thick of things, servicing such vital clients as NCJUA, Southern Fidelity, HomeOwners of America, National General, and Nationwide.

Florence was not the claims producer she was projected to be, but don’t tell that to those who lost so much to her. We were glad to be there to do our part and help them on the road to recovery.


Florence made a big deal about herself off land and then weakened as she came ashore. Michael was quite the opposite. while few were paying attention, he stole into the Gulf of Mexico, gathered strength, and then kicked it into high gear. 

By the time Michael landed on Mexico Beach, Florida, he was just shy of a CAT 5, with 150 mph sustained winds. He tore through the Florida panhandle and remained at hurricane strength all the way through South Carolina. Before he made his way to the Atlantic, he had cut a swathe through Florida, Alabama, Geaorgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virgina.

The saving grace for these states was that his chosen path missed the major populations, thus reducing the impact he might have had.

Still, Michael lay waste to property and impacted lives. MACS is here, doing our bit to help the healing process.


Perhaps fittingly, in the midst of storm season, The Mid-America family welcomed long-awaited and much-anticipated additions. Josh Story – son of co-owner Stacy Story and a core adjuster for MACS – and his wonderful wife Jennifer celebrated the arrival of their first child, Wyatt Dean on 9/27. 

Meanwhile MACS Claims Manager Steven Turner and his awesome wife Rhianna got a two-for-one deal on October 2 with the birth of son Luke Steven and daughter Landry Claire! 

All the babies were born beautiful and healthy. Congratulations all around! Even in the season of storms, there is “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

Luke & landry Turner

Parents Steven and Rhianna Turner



Born 10/2, 1:22 PM, weighing 5 lbs, 10 oz



Born 10/2, 1:29 PM, weighing 4 lbs, 11 oz


Parents Josh and Jennifer Story


Born September 27, 2018, weighing in at 6 lbs, 11 ounces


 Pictured above is MACS co-owner Stacy Story with his rootin’, tootin’ Texas grandson, Wyatt.

Congratulations, Stacy! We know you and Shelli will have some fun spoiling that little fellow.

On the Move

Come Grow With Us

Mid-America is welcoming new clients to the fold and thus expanding our operations, especially in the northeast states of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. If you live in that region or you are licensed in NY and interested in working daily and CAT claims, we are looking for you. Click the icon and send your resume to today!

Movin' On up

The future is bright at Mid-America Catastrophe Services. To accommodate the anticipated growth, we have purchased a much larger facility just minutes from our current location.
As we continue to expand, new and better opportunities arise for inside adjusters, outside adjusters, file reviewers, and more.

Building Together

MACS has always been a company built by adjusters for adjusters. From our owners to our account managers to our file review manager, we are adjusters. We get it. Get on the team that gets it.

We care about our clients

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