Allison Weimer

Allison Weimer is the Accounts Receivable Manager at Mid-America Catastrophe Services. Hailing from the beautiful state of Louisiana, Allison brings her vibrant energy and passion for excellence to our team. With a stellar educational background, she graduated from Spring Hill College, where she pursued her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences. Allison went on to earn her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, solidifying her expertise in the field.

As the Accounts Receivable Manager, Allison’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking are second to none. She tackles complex financial challenges with finesse, ensuring smooth operations and efficient management of receivables. Her attention to detail and analytical mindset makes her an invaluable asset to our organization.

Beyond her professional achievements, Allison has a passion for volleyball that runs deep. During her time at Spring Hill College, she excelled as both an indoor and beach volleyball player, honing her skills and embodying the spirit of teamwork. Today, she generously shares her expertise as a volleyball club coach during her free time, inspiring and mentoring the next generation of athletes.

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